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Welcome to The Hub

The Hub is an exciting, online pupil centre where you can access exclusive content as an Ignition Driving School pupil for FREE! The Hub is designed to make learning to drive easier and more fun – which means you can continue learning to drive outside of your driving lessons. At The Hub you will be able to:

  • Recap topics that have been covered on your driving lessons
  • Put your memory to the test with our exercises
  • Practice theory papers to prepare you for the theory test
  • Practice hazard perception clips, again to help you prepare for the theory test
  • Access articles relevant to learning to drive and car maintenance
  • Ask us any questions relating to learning to drive and the tests

On your first driving lesson your driving instructor will have given you a free welcome pack full of information about learning to drive and about Ignition Driving School. To access the online content you will need an access code, which is printed in your welcome pack. Each access code is unique and can only be used for a limited time period so if you need further access to The Hub in the future simply ask your driving instructor for another access code.

It really is like having extra tuition when you´re not on your driving lesson and you can use The Hub to help enhance your learning and understanding. If for example you have had a lesson on roundabouts you can then refer to The Hub and read up about roundabouts to help keep what you have learned in your memory for longer. All the key topics are included in The Hub from the controls of the car to the manoeuvres, and junctions to meeting traffic situations. Read up about the MSPSL routine and put your memory to the test with some of our exercises – do you know where to position your car in a box junction?

We have also inputted over 950 official DSA theory questions in to The Hub and generated unlimited practice theory papers, incorporating questions randomly selected from each of the 14 sections of the theory syllabus. This should give you a truer indication as to how you would perform during a real theory test and as we have included the reasons behind the answers as well you can gain a better understanding of the theory material. Linked to the practice theory papers we have also added practice hazard perception clips so you can get used to the style of the clips and spotting hazards.

You can also read up about car maintenance - would you know what to do if you got a flat tyre? You can find out that and more on The Hub. If there´s something that we haven´t covered then you can always get in touch via our online support service. You can ask an instructor a question or get involved with one of our blog articles ´ all free of charge. So put the kettle on, crack open the HobNobs and visit The Hub! With new content being uploaded regularly The Hub really will be like having your instructor with you in-between your lessons - it´s the one stop shop for learning to drive!